Never Too Old To Exercise


Do not let your age stop you from becoming physically fit. Get all the support and guidance you need to be a success at getting in shape no matter your age.


Aging is a natural process that every human being goes through and it starts from the very onset of birth. It should be noted though, that the aging process should not in any way hamper keeping an exercise regimen and in fact exercising should ideally continue but at a gentler pace and design.

There are several different aspects to consider when deciding on a suitable exercise regimen for an aged individual and in this guide are some of the areas that should be given due consideration and understanding before the exercise program is designed.

An exercise training program that would be most suited for the aged would have to take into account the now more fragile state of the body condition, thus content of the exercise regimen should not be too overwhelming and demanding physically and mentally.

In This Book, You Will Learn:

  • Aging & Exercise
  • The Motivation For Seniors
  • Common Health Issues For Seniors
  • Health & Fitness Assessments
  • Exercise Techniques For Seniors
  • And so much more!


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