Communications Break Down


Communication is important in a relationship. Effective communication is even crucial for a long-lasting relationship. One of the main reasons for breakups in a relationship is the inability to understand each other.


When a couple decides to break up, it is always because they are not able to communicate with each other. Not communicating enough, whether verbally or non-verbally, will lead to misunderstandings or misinterpreting of messages between you and your partner. You can consider working, on communicating more with your partner, to show that you still care and love him/her.

It is never ideal to think you are right all the time, especially when it involves your partner, just to guard your self-esteem or pride. Trying to win an argument means you are trying to dominate your partner, which is a very selfish thing to do and you might hurt your partner, which may lead to a bad breakup.

In This Book, You Will Learn:

  • Understanding each other
  • Communicating enough
  • Winning over an argument
  • Complicating simple things
  • Applying assumptions
  • Expecting each other to react in particular fashion
  • And so much more!


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