Code Of Conduct


Stop failing in your business and become a success even if you’ve tried everything before!  Easily put an end to your lack of success and learn how to develop rules of conduct that transform organizations and businesses  to profitable ventures.


From a supervisory aspect based on the rules of conduct the company is able to have a certain amount of control over the vital aspects of ensuring negative practices that are unethical are kept out of the daily running of the business dealings. Any negligence, misleading conduct and fraudulent practices can be instantly detected and addressed with the implementation of effective set of rules of conduct.

Having rules of conduct in place and clearly understood also helps to eliminate any unnecessary negative vibes that may arise from the various and sometimes opposing views within the company, as everyone now focuses on common goals instead of individual agendas.

Rules of conduct also allows everyone to act in a fairly uniform manner when it comes to addressing end users as all the guidelines are already present.

In This Book, You Will Learn:

  • What Are Rules Of Conduct
  • Writing A Mission Statement
  • Knowing What Your Customers Expect
  • Opening The Lines Of Communication With Employees
  • Balancing The Needs Of Customers And Employees
  • Adjusting With Trial And Error And Maintain A Positive Attitude
  • And so much more!


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