Invest time and effort into your relationship


Many people relax after some years of being together because they are now used to each other and have become comfortable in the relationship. This greatly affects the relationship and you will find that your partner yearns for the effort/attention you gave them while you were dating and thus create a rift in the relationship

People invest so much time into their jobs and careers, children, even household chores! It is equally as important to invest as much time and effort as you can into your relationship. This can be difficult when you have got a hundred and one things to do and fit in every day – but is essential that you do! Even half an hour a day, or even every few days, to stop doing everything else and sit down together and talk.

The talking does not need to be deep and meaningful – even just a catch up on how your day has been. It is so easy to lose touch with one another and each day passes and you end up living like complete strangers. Bring things back to basics. Get to know each other again. There is absolutely no rush, take it slow.

Perhaps go on a date together once a week or even once a month. Put it in your diaries. Talk about things that brought you together in the first place. This is important to help you find that spark again and to help keep the bond stronger.


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