Impact of Views and Feelings on Success


Repeat out loud the word ‘success’ several times, and make an observation of how you feel. Depending on your mental and emotional composition, and on the vibe of the moment, there are two possibilities. You might become inspired, delighted and joyful, or brokenhearted, distressed and bitter. In the latter example, you might begin telling yourself how miserable you are, and that success isn’t for you.

It might sound unusual, but thoughts about success may conjure up negative feelings. People who have thought about negative ideas and feelings nearly all of their lives, await failure and don’t feel noble of success. If they’ve undergone lack and hardships, they think that success isn’t meant for them. In these instances, everything affiliated with success could call forth negative feelings.

Your thoughts and beliefs can attract or repel success. They regulate your feelings and outlooks about success or failure. Ideas too frequently, come and go and switch focus like the wind. They shape your head the same way that the wind moves the direction of a flag.

One moment the flag might be batting this direction, and moments later in another way. One moment you may be thinking in this way, and a second later in a different way. Once your thoughts, feelings and tempers become steady and under your dominance, your life also becomes under your control. You become the determining factor, not outside influences or passing tempers.

In order to contain your thoughts, feelings and tempers and navigate your life, concentration and self-control must be acquired. Concentration and self-control act as the steering wheel of your life, with which you are able to pilot the boat of your life in the direction of success and achievement. Your overriding, habitual views and beliefs decide whether you’ll achieve success or not, and whether you’ll feel satisfied upon realization or not.

This means that you’ve got to be more mindful of your views and beliefs. It’s crucial to learn to be more positive, less critical and less worried. Then, once success is achieved, you are able to bask in the happiness of realization.

Views, mental attitude and habits can be modified. The modification doesn’t happen overnight. Some inner work is essential. Forever remember that positive views and beliefs make you happier and more receptive to success. As well, remember that a positive disposition contributes the ability to enjoy success when it arrives.

Take it as a challenge, make your views and beliefs high on your priority list making sure to direct extra attention towards them. Determine what types of views you believe and what type of feelings you generally undergo with them. If they’re positive thoughts and feelings of success that is all right, however, if your thoughts and beliefs are about failure, sadness, and dissatisfaction, then you must do something to change them.

How come people hope for success? There’s a want for development in every one of us. It’s the cosmic need for expression and expansion. It manifests itself in every figure of life. We encounter it all over, even in a blade of grass, whose hope is to mature to be strong, that it might even grow on surroundings or through a split in the concrete. The need for success is the internal natural want for development, expansion and expression.

Success is the recognition and accomplishment of projects, hopes or intentions. It’s the positive consequence of your actions. It may lead to additional money, a securer job, better relationships, acquiring a wanted object, discovering the perfect partner, acquiring a beneficial reputation or the realization of any dream. Success isn’t restricted to material objects.

There’s also mental and spiritual success, such as having good grades or making progress in self-reformation or spiritual growth. People oftentimes believe that success will fetch them the satisfaction and gratification they want. Occasionally it does and occasionally it doesn’t. Gratification and happiness are more depending on inner attitude and not so much on outside circumstances.

It isn’t enough to look for solely external success, such as income and possessions. Interior success, which is self-reformation, spiritual growth and inner serenity are of importance as well. Without them, someone may be successful in other affairs, but still experience deficiency. Discover how to utilize the power of thoughts and visualization to achieve success.

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