When Is It Time To Let Go?


If you are in an abusive relationship, physically or emotionally, it may be best to leave
and find a fresh start. However, no one can tell you what to do. Only you can decide.
It is important to look after yourself though and consider the effects of your
relationship on any children you have.

As long as both parties want to make the relationship work, there is always hope. If
things have changed in your relationship, things can always change back – or change
in another different way – for the better!

If your partner accepts no responsibility for the problems in your relationship and is
unwilling to work with you to repair your relationship, unfortunately, there is little
you can do. You do only have one life after all and you need to consider whether it
really is worth continuing to fight a battle that may have already been lost.

Equally, if your partner tells you that they do not want to make it work unfortunately
there is nothing you can do but to let them go. No begging or pleading can save a

If the relationship has come to an end, get as much support as you can – from friends
and relatives and if necessary from professionals. You may feel you need not only
emotional support but practical and financial advice also. Check out your legal rights.
You can do this without cost by consulting the Citizens Advice Bureau or cheaply by
asking a solicitor for a fixed fee interview.

This doesn’t mean you are starting divorce proceedings, it simply means you are finding out where you stand. Don’t assume that because the house or mortgage is in your partner’s name you have no share in it and don’t believe them if they say they won’t pay maintenance. There are rules about these things and your legal advisor can explain them.

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