The Ladder to Success


It is the privilege of man to achieve all-round greatness, and in reality, success should be one’s habit. Man is essentially perfect, and therefore infinite are the possibilities that lie dormant in him.

In order to bring out the very best from within, a life organized and perfectly disciplined for the discovery of the potentialities that lie lurking within us, is a life well spent.

The vital point is not how many talents each one of us has, but the importance should be focused on how much of our existing talents, attributes and capabilities are we prepared to develop, exploit, explore and implement in our daily lives.

The question you must ask, is whether you are making a practical use of at least one great talent lying inherent within you? The one supreme fundamental principle is to understand that all our success entirely depends upon ourselves.

The best way to be happy is to do the things that you naturally love and enjoy doing – something that you are absolutely passionate about! Likewise, the best way to succeed and become wealthy is to see to it that you achieve the things you have earnestly desired to seek in life. This will require that you implement your efforts into activities that will allow you to measure success.

For instance the simple way to explain this is to take into consideration the following example: if you take a liking for art, painting, and drawing then the way to proceed is to seek guidance on ways to enter competitions, and ways to submit your artwork via galleries (approach galleries directly and leave work on a sale or return basis) or fine art publishers’ or even exposing your talent by entering seasonal fairs where you will find a large gathering of all kinds of retailers.

You may want to add various different types of themes to your art portfolio in order to maximize your capabilities to reach an audience far and wide with interests in different themes/subjects.
Contact groups, forums, and even Internet newsgroups and explore various other avenues (such as photographers, photo and framing galleries, arts councils and government organizations that provide help including loans etc.) that will allow you to step up your enquiry – the idea is to pursue the goal relentlessly and with a positive attitude.

As far as your theme/subject matter is concerned post questions, polls, surveys, and determines what people are looking for, and then simply find the need and fill it. Every little will help, but it is the force required to get the momentum going and that is the key point. Another useful point is not to just try, try and to continue trying – instead develop an attitude whereby you DO the thing you have decided to pursue, implement and apply the strategies shown.

Finally do not just stop at that – keep faith and do not yield to any defeat. Once you have decided to put the ‘plan’ into action, make sure that it is kept ignited and glowing…rejections and disappointments should in no way curtail your hope, progress and your desire to success. People who have succeeded despite all the hardship, pain and struggle have inspired countless millions around the world – it is time you too set an example for others to follow in your footsteps.

You must remember that the methods employed by different individuals in procuring wealth may be distinct, but the goal is common to all, and the steps spoken of earlier are in effect your tools to your overall success.

Very strong willpower is needed in order to develop internally, and the need for two most important attributes, namely courage and confidence are essential ingredients. Thus poverty and prosperity do not necessarily depend on knowledge wholly (e.g. business acumen, marketing strategies and so on) but it certainly depends on the three C’s and they are character, creativity, and your innate capabilities.

Courage and confidence alone can bring about unique transformation while the opposite will only bring much sorrow and despair in times of distress and crisis. However, despite life’s problems we should resist obstacles and hindrances and as such constantly remind ourselves of the supreme inherent or innate power which we all possess and which we can all successfully develop through spiritual insight. Thus ignoring our abilities and potential for developing the personal power that we need for going through ego-breaking experiences requires immense fortitude and discipline.

Without these qualities, you are destined to fail, and that is the reason why a large portion of people feel despondent because they got into competition or they simply gave up under pressure, through lack of self-courage and dynamic willpower.

When our fantasies and expectations are not fulfilled, there is a tendency for us to revert to our old ways – the hollowness we experience can be most annoying and we cannot ignore it forever. A lot of the time what exactly happens is that whatever good we undertake in life, it does not mean we will continue. This is not because an impossible discipline is required but because we lack courage and confidence we are overwhelmed with negative attitude – this is what stops everything in its tracks!

The initial burst of enthusiasm begins to fade, and what seemed so wonderful becomes a peril a dilemma and a problem. The mind takes over and questions surmount raising doubts after doubts whether the whole idea or concept is worthwhile – a conflict ensues, the mind says the one thing and the intellect and our intuition urges us to follow the path to ‘success’.

Even before we begin the journey the end is imminent because we are undecided what true path to follow. Success lies in what you make of it not what you ‘think’ it ought to be (do not fantasize success).

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