Steps to Personal Wealth


Decision-making is perhaps the hardest step to get over with in your quest to begin the journey to wealth. The problem is until you do not delve deep within yourself to unlock your innate qualities chances are that you will be indecisive and hesitant. This is not wrong as such, but more often than not this ‘feeling’ may not allow you to maximize your full potential.

There is no secret to unleashing your full-blown potential – the ‘secret’ lies in your willingness to listen to your inner voice. The initiative to seize a good opportunity that comes your way is by undertaking the task in a methodical way.

Sit quietly, calm your senses and thoughts, and meditate deeply on the subject matter in question. Do not jump into anything at once just because the idea seems favorable. Most things appear very ‘good’ in the initial phase, but thinking, planning and time are a prerequisite. Often it is something within that will tell you what to do. The secret is not necessarily from without but can be acquired from within.

Striving to do your very best at all times is the little secret that will help you amass wealth. Imagination (I mean constructive imagination) which is the power to visualize is an important factor in creative thought – but as you will appreciate you will not be able to do this without a strong will, and above all this faculty of visualization has to be ripened into firm belief and conviction.

1. You must have the desire to achieve your goal of fame – this is rule number one.
2. Be prepared to handle money efficiently with respect to budget, expenditure and responsibility and/or accountability.
3. Do not spend more than you are required to and spend less than you make.
4. Personal problems, including addiction not only to drugs etc., can be ruinous. This is something that must be taken care of from the very onset.
5. Figure out ways to invest and above all begin to save money. You will have to play smart and get your priorities absolutely right.

In any venture, it is likely that you may face a lot of antagonism, a far cry from an idealistic situation. Over expectations, over optimism and the tendency to ‘wish’ that things run as planned, can and often may lead to failure.

Thus as mentioned earlier planning is very important to your success. Of course, the other factors that one needs to consider also are overworking and exhaustion. In the hope to make your millions, the probability is that you will become a frustrated wreck and become quite despondent – this will not be helpful in your progress or pursuit of wealth.

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