Skinny fat people


You read that right. Skinny. Fat. People. They exist. It’s a strange modern-day phenomenon that’s plaguing our society. Here’s how it works. We live increasingly, sedentary lifestyles. Unless you’ve got a physical job there’s a good chance you spend much of your working day sitting on your butt and moving only to get something to eat or visit the toilet.

The journey to and from work isn’t dissimilar. You walk to the car and sit on your butt. Then guess what happens in the evenings? Yep, you have dinner, watch TV and… Sit on your butt.
Modern day lifestyles are very sedentary. They’ve become the norm. And even if that isn’t you, I hope you get my point.

Life and technology in the 21st century involves a lot less moving than God intended. This is where it gets interesting. Just because we’re eating badly and moving less doesn’t mean we are all over-weight and obese. Nope. There are a lot of people out there eating crap and not moving much who manage to keep their calories in and calories out pretty equal which means… They become skinny, fat people from a metabolic point of view.

This is bad! The medical term is “metabolically obese normal weight”. MONW for short. In a nutshell, they have not enough muscle and too much fat. They have too little muscle and too much body fat. Sure they’re slim but they’re not healthy. Now there are a few crazy people out there so desperate to be slim that they’d be happy to be a MONW person.

But to be honest you’re probably better off being a fit, fat person than a skinny, obese individual if living longer is your goal. Now if you don’t want to be a fat person. Or a skinny, fat person then here’s a few tips for you…

First, carry on improving your diet one habit at a time. Clean it up and make it better. Second (and this is where the rubber meets the road) add exercise to your weekly regime. What kind of exercise? We’ll cover that in future articles but for the time being, just do something even if it’s as simple as 20 minute walk every day. This exercise component will stimulate your muscles.

It’ll get them working, it will burn extra calories and as you exercise harder you’ll ramp up your calorie burning further. You need to work those muscles. And as a consequence, you’ll become a… Skinny, healthy person!

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