Are They Bad Friends?


Sometimes, a friendship might confuse you. You won’t be sure who among your friends is really loyal, genuine and supportive. Hence, you must know how to spot those bad friends. You certainly want to be wary about those opportunists.

An opportunist is a person who only likes to be with you because he wants to use you for your assets, such as your car, home or apartment. Or perhaps, he might be using you in order to become close to your well-off friends or sibling.

This kind of person might consume your home or house and maybe even utilize your private hygiene products. Yet, when you confront him, he becomes angry at you. This only shows his disrespect to you and your belongings. Being wary about this kind of person must be observed.

Another trait of a bad friend is being self-centered. This kind of person is living by the tune “it is completely about me”. These people always talk about themselves.

They won’t also give a care about you, being uninterested of what you do in a day, the way you feel and more. You might also observe of them always taking big. Whether it is about themselves, boyfriend/girlfriend, materialistic possessions, a vacation, or getting married, this type of people always find the thing that will make them look better than you. Friends with this kind of attitude could be hard to trust and keep.

On the other hand, having a friend who always seems to pity himself is also not a good trait of a friend. This is the type of person who will always come to you whenever he is facing a problem and seeking some advice. They will let you know about the difficulties they are going through letting you feel pity for them.

But then, if you are the one who needs help from them, they will fall short on you. It won’t be fair if you do not mind spending 2 hours just to give them composure, yet it is like they find it hard to give their five minutes to you. You are not their therapist, so you should avoid letting them broadcast their moans on your expense.

Spotting bad friends is just so easy, yet only if you are sensitive enough to feel what they are up to. Trusting these days is not that easy, so you should be careful to whom you will offer it.

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