This Is Stopping You From Losing Weight


We’re creatures of habit. We wake up, hit the alarm and hit auto-pilot…
You have breakfast.
You brush your teeth.
You get dressed.
You go to work.
You come home.
You go to bed.
Then you do it all over again the next day.
Eating and exercising – getting fatter or losing weight — all boil down to the same thing.
Habits. As we are creatures of habit, now you can use habit to your advantage.
Good habits help you get the things you want (and achieve the goals you have) quicker and easier.
There is a saying… “The routine will set you free” But it’s a double-edged sword.
It can help you lose weight or… it can make you fat.

Now I need your help here. I need you to think long and hard about what I’m about to ask.
And be brutally honest with yourself.
What is your biggest weakness when it comes to your food?
Is it:
– Over eating at meal times
– Going without food for hours and then binge eating
– Snacking between meals
– Getting bored late in the evening before raiding the kitchen
– Opening the ice-cream and eating it ALL!
These are classic BAD eating habits.
The problem is these are bad habits we do without thinking. We do them (almost) on auto-pilot.
Then regret it afterwards. There are plenty more but if you can identify your biggest weakness you’re on a winner when it comes to losing weight.

Think long and hard (and be honest).
What is your weakness?
What is your Achilles heel?
Isolate it.
Zone in on it.
Then by either replacing it with a better habit or cutting it out completely – good things will start to happen. Like losing weight, seeing results, burning body fat and living a longer, healthier and leaner life. So today, that’s your task. Discover and zone in on that killer habit. It’ll be the start of a new you.

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