Key Components Of Love


love is more than just an affectionate feeling. While most of the time people refer love to human relationships, love can become the substance in many areas including places, objects, and situations.

Besides loving your spouse, parents, children, relatives, and friends, one will also love Rome to be their destination for honeymoon. At the same time, they may also love the food like Italian Macaroni Pasta as their favorite food.

Love is all about the connections you make with people, places and things. In fact, you can make connections with all kinds of substances that exist on earth. When there is a connection, you will give more attention to it. For instance, you may find yourself picking up piano pretty well even it is the first time you touch the piano. To certain people, mathematics makes more sense to them simply because of the connections they have with the subject.

There are only two aspects when it comes to connections:

Communication – In case you do not know, the root of communication is ‘common’. In other words, people find it easier to communicate with those who have the common interests in one way or another. Why do you think when two golfers meet for the first time, they can talk like they have known each other for a long time? In many communication coaching programs, finding a topic on common ground is one of the best ways to break the ice in a conversation. Isn’t this powerful?

Communion – Communion is a deeper level form of communication. In communion, it creates a sense of deeper bonding with the intended person, object, places or situations. Often, deep emotions are involved in the communions. The best example would be investing your time, effort and attention to your spouse so that both of you fall and stay in love over and over again. You may wonder if your emotions will attach to any of the objects other than people and the answer is definitely a ‘yes’. When you love fishing, the satisfaction and fulfillment comes the moment you catch a big fish, even you have waited for long hours without catching anything. If you love gambling, you bet your will be emotionally attached to the bad habit.

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