Superfoods You Should Consume Regularly


Your health is significant to you – without your health, you have nothing. No period of presents, money, time or treats can be enjoyed without health. Chronic illness normally get worse without the right intervention, before you realize it you are experiencing an array of disturbances and taking regular visits to the physician.Proper food consumption is supposed to prevent illnesses – it is assumed to nourish, heal and keep our bodies in good health.

Not all foods have been created equal as reported in 2009 – some are packed with minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, essential fatty acids and other substances. They’ve been deemed Superfoods. Have you ever heard of the superfoods? Do you know precisely what they’re? Why should you care? Superfoods are foods offering huge health benefits because of their high nutritional density. Their nutritional dose is considered to help protect associated diseases like cancer and heart issues. Other benefits include protecting the body, reducing cholesterol and enhancing digestion health. It’s even touted that superfoods may help you live longer and in better well being.

They Include;

Acai Berry It has antioxidants that shield cells from harm caused by harmful molecules in the body  and may also help against diseases such as cancer.

Avocado –  They help maintain cholesterol levels, they lower the risk of depression, improve digestion, detoxify your body, and for pregnant women they help in developing healthy babies.

Blue berries – Blue berries can improve your memory. They can also shield your brain from inflammation and boost communication between brain cells.

Broccoli sprouts – Much more powerful than broccoli which itself is a superfood, these sprouts contain 10 times more the cancer preventing compounds than routine broccoli and also to top it off, it’s simpler to eat larger amounts of sprouts than broccoli head.

Brown rice – is a key source about magnesium, a vital mineral used within your body for more than 300 chemical reactions.

Garlic – Organosulfur compounds found at garlic have been identified as effective at destroying the cells in some tumors.

Goji Berry – traditionally utilized as an aphrodisiac, these tiny berries from the Himalayas are dense in nutrients, providing a good dose of health giving antioxidants.

Kale – a surprising source of great fats that your body needs, Kale is also a great source about calcium, vitamin A and phytonutrients.

Wild Salmon – CSIRO research demonstrates that sea food particularly Atlantic salmon has between 10 and 100 times higher levels about Omega 3 than beef, poultry or lamb.

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