Make The Journey Easier (Part 1)


We all have goals and dreams that we work towards, and this gives our lives meaning and purpose. But the journey to achieving the desires of our hearts is never the easy one. You come across so many obstacles that sometimes it is just easier to give up and let go. This is normal. Take heart. It is never the end as each new day brings new opportunities for us as well as a new chance and new beginnings.

Below are some tips to help you while on your journey to achieving your goals, so that you do not get distracted and lose yourself in the process;

  • Prepare Yourself for the Day that Lies Ahead of You – Rather than diving into the deep end, ease yourself into your day by thinking about what lies ahead, analyzing the challenges you can face, and visualizing how you can succeed. In the same way that stretching helps prevent injuries when exercising, preparing mentally for your workday can increase your productivity, prevent you from being stressed, and ultimately help you progress toward your goals.
  • Use FIDO – The US Marines have a saying that goes, “Forget It and Drive On”. When you make a mistake or encounter something negative, don’t get caught up on it or dwell on it too long. Wallowing in the past won’t help make your future better, it will only delay you and make you more negative. If mistakes were made, pick yourself up, brush yourself off, and start all over again.
  • Power Up! – Success requires a lot of energy. To get what you want, you’ll need the physical strength to achieve it. Take care of your body, exercise regularly, eat right and eliminate processed foods, fast foods and other toxins from your environment. This will strengthen your body, your mind and also your will, and give you the endurance
    you need to do whatever you want to accomplish. When you feel better, you’ll be better!
  • Be Inspired Passion — People who don’t care, don’t succeed. Passion is one part emotion and one part commitment. If you have commitment but no passion, your work will be dull. If you have passion, but no commitment, your work will be undirected. But when the two come together and you bring real passion to what you do  each day, there can be no stopping you.
  • Nurture Positive Habits – About 80% of the things we do each day are habitual, meaning we do them without thinking about them. Developing good habits and breaking bad habits will allow you to spend more than half your time working toward your goals on autopilot. Make a list of the successful habits that you need to develop,
    then train yourself to start performing them daily until they become second nature.

Remember everything is possible, believe in yourself and work for what you want. More tips in Part 2.

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